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To help us navigate the ever-evolving landscape of sustainability, we’ve appointed an external responsibility board to support us in becoming the most responsible version of ourselves. We wanted to bring in external voices to keep ourselves accountable and to ensure independent perspectives are represented in our decision making - perspectives that are not tied to GANNI’s financial performance. The board will be working closely with our CEO Andrea Baldo, our founder Nicolaj Reffstrup and our Head of Responsibility Lauren Bartley supporting us in our responsibility journey. The board is headed and appointed by Eva Kruse We’re excited to kick off 2021. Get to know the board and find out why sustainability matters to them

"I’m excited to join GANNI as chair of the new Responsibility Board. The brand is one of the most exciting coming out of Scandinavia with an huge and dedicated following of customers, adding to that an equally ambitious and dedicated plan to improve its environmental and social footprint, I believe we can build a role model case for the future of fashion with GANNI." – Eva Kruse

"As the global human community faces the immense, essential and unprecedented task of rapidly transforming our systems into sustainable versions of themselves (as called for by most scientists, the UN, The World Bank), companies - including fashion companies - have a pivotal role to play in this transition, alongside citizens, and governments. Therefore, I welcome any corporation - small or large - that is serious and sincere about trying to transform their operations to be more circular, more sustainable and also more just.” –– Lily Cole

“We must always look after one another, people, animals and nature collectively as Earthlings. We should all work to make the experience of life on Earth more enjoyable for future generations. Our planet gives us so much, my relationship with our Earth and its inhabitants is therefore worthy of my complete attention.” –– Dio Kurazawa,

“Collaboration and knowledge sharing is, I believe, the only approach to face our industry’s challenges. I am extremely honored to be part of Ganni’s responsibility board, a company that understood the power of an integrated approach and wants to use business and creativity as a force for good.” - Aude Vergne