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GANNI Bou Bag Ohoskin


An innovative bio-based leather alternative crafted in Italy, Ohoskin is made from the byproducts of oranges, cacti farming, and recycled plastics

We’ve committed to stop using virgin leather completely by the end of this year (using leather conflicts with our 50% absolute carbon reduction by 2027), so this is only the beginning of our bio-based Fabrics of the Future


Your GANNI Bou bag is made from recycled leather, which honours our commitment to phase out virgin leather completely in our accessories by the end of 2023.

Although it's as buttery-soft to the touch and looks almost exactly the same as traditional leather, there are a few different methods you can follow to keep your GANNI Bou bag looking fresh. 

Here's how to look after your favourite new It bag, so you can love it for years to come.

Cracked recycled leather is normally from UVB rays on the material, so the best thing you can do to keep your GANNI Bou bag looking fresh is to minimise exposure to sunlight. Basically, treat your bag the way you would your face (minus the SPF, ofc).

Your GANNI Bou bag is made using a responsible and innovative Fabric of the Future - Ohoskin

Made in Italy, Ohoskin is an innovative bio-based alternative to leather. It's cleverly made using the byproducts of orange farming, cacti and recycled plastics, and it took three years of research to find the perfect recipe (it is made from oranges, after all) to replicate the look and feel of the highest-quality leather.

Here’s how to take care of your GANNI Bou bag, so you can love it for years to come. Follow these easy instructions to keep yours looking fresh.

Accidents happen. Here's what to do in case you spill or stain your GANNI Bou bag: 

  1. Mix some water with a small amount of mild washing-up liquid or laundry detergent (avoid harsh detergents as they'll cause drying and no one likes to be dehydrated)
  2. Dip a non-abrasive - we recommend microfibre - cloth into the mixture
  3. Test the mixture on a small section of the handbag to make sure there’s no discolouration before applying the mixture to the actual stain. We suggest the interior or the strap as those areas are less visible
  4. Gently wash the stain by hand using the microfibre cloth. If the stain isn’t coming out or is deep-set, try using a mixture of water with a small amount of vinegar, which helps to naturally get rid of odours from stains
  5. Leave your GANNI Bou bag to air dry completely - putting it away before it's totally dry could create mould and bacteria growth on the surface. Let the air do its thing and resist the urge to use a dryer, which could damage your GANNI Bou bag
  6. Et Voila! You're GANNI Bou bag should be spring-fresh

Show your GANNI Bou bag some love to keep it looking pristine. A little spring clean should do the trick, here's what we recommend:

  1. Mix some water with a small amount of mild washing-up liquid or laundry detergent
  2. Use a non-abrasive cloth (microfibre ones are great) and give your bag a good surface wipe
  3. Follow up by drying it off with a soft, clean cloth and then leaving it to air dry
  4. Don't put your GANNI Bou bag away until it's completely dry 

It goes without saying (but we'll say it anyway), that storage is the key to making your GANNI Bou bag last as long as possible.

We recommend:

  • Storing your GANNI Bou bag (and all your other bags, for that matter) either upright or laying flat
  • Don't hang your GANNI Bou bag
  • Use the dust bag between wears - that's what it's there for :)
  • That said, if you lose your dust bag, don’t store your GANNI Bou bag in plastic bags. Not only can plastic bags trap moisture - leading to mould or mildew - they can also stick to the fabric and ruin it 
  • Fill your GANNI Bou bag with tissue paper, pillows or other soft fabrics to help it maintain its shape
  • Don't stack other bags or purses on top of each other, as it can crush your GANNI Bou bag and you run the risk of scratching the fabric from your other bags' hardware (like zips and embellishments)