Earlier this year we launched a Responsibility Gameplan setting ourselves 44 tangible goals to be reached by 2023 across four main pillars; People, Planet, Product & Prosperity. (Head to our Responsibility Report 2019 to read more). People are at the heart of what we do, but we realise that we have to re-prioritise and work to accelerate our efforts across the company, to do more on diversity and inclusion.


At GANNI, we stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. As we’ve been researching and educating ourselves, our silence—born out of the fear of saying the wrong thing—has gone on for too long.

Our company and founders will be donating $100,000 across the below organisations, in support of the fight to end racial injustice.

Black Lives Matter

We know this is not enough—we must continue to listen, research, and educate ourselves about systematic injustice and state sanctioned violence against Black people globally.

We have a lot of work to do, but we commit to doing better and commit to continued action.

It’s a small start, but the change begins now.


We’ve partnered with UN Women UK to support women empowerment worldwide and further our gender equality policies.

We are excited to give you an update on our ongoing partnership with UN Women UK - the United Nations entity dedicated to achieve gender equality and empowerment globally across different layers of society. They work to shift attitudes and deliver solutions that allow all people to have safety, choice and a voice.

In April, we pledged our first donation of 20% of profits from our GANNI POSTMODERN archive pop-up.

With your help, we managed to contribute an incredible total of €40,000 in support of @UNWomenUK’s solidarity funds; helping not only women on the frontlines fighting COVID-19 but people in society most affected during this pandemic who deserve to feel safe. So we wanted to share a HUGE Thank you!

As well as a health crisis, this pandemic is a human rights crisis, with marginalised groups set to bear the brunt of so many aspects, magnifying existing inequalities and reversing the hard won gains over the past 10 years.

Together, our first donation is going to help support various international UN Women operations to provide services where they are most needed, whether that is in refugee camps, in urban areas, or in remote rural locations including:

The briefing of government leaders on the gender lens and the steps they must take to protect women and girls during COVID-19 pandemic.

The provision of PPE, plus medical supplies and food to women on the frontline and creating sustainable solutions within food security for women, that will continue to benefit families beyond this pandemic and into the next.

UN Women UK are helping victims of domestic violence, which we know has increased due to COVID-19.

Our funding will focus on supporting female refugees who are amongst the worst hit during these times.

Furthering UN Women’s work with the World Health Organization, providing gender-disaggregated data in order to facilitate policy change.

Debunking fake news as it proliferates social media, so that the most remote communities are equipped with knowledge of how to combat COVID-19.

UN Women’s Everyday Allyship platform—an online hub that protects and supports vulnerable people at this time, access personalised access to critical services and experts and share tips to help others who are in isolation. Plus equipping members of the community who want to help with the tools to be active allies standing up for injustice.

In addition to the donation, GANNI has made a pledge by signing up to the UN's Women Empowerment Principles, to strengthen our internal work around Gender Equality moving forward. This will help focus our goal to address, define and implement diversity, inclusion and gender equality policies and transform our diversity strategy. Working closely with UN Women UK, we will ensure that the bar is set high for our gender equality programme so that we can lead by example and ensure that we do better with every company we partner with in the future.


We have founded an internal diversity and inclusion working group to create concrete objectives and measurable change internally at GANNI. At each of our offices, we are creating GANNI libraries with anti-racism books and literature to help further the education of our team and will ensure to have online resources for stores across retail. As our company grows, we will work to increase the number of BIPOC employees within our teams at every level. We are adding +15 internal diversity and inclusion action points to our Responsibility Gameplan, these are work in progress, but we will keep prioritising important change and promise to keep you updated as we finalise new goals.

We are working on our policies. Over the past 10 years, we've taken a start up mentality to growing our business. Our quick and flexible tech approach has meant sometimes we've been guilty of making statements before fully embodying them with our policies and practises first. As a result, our focus for the next year is to address, define and implement our diversity, inclusion and gender equality policies. We want to set the bar high and aim to lead by example so we can demand better from every company we partner with.


These 10 Guiding Principles are the foundation of our Code of Conduct.


Since 2014, we’ve teamed up with the Global Goals World Cup to support the UN SDGs. The initiative works to raise awareness and mobilize communities in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals through a powerful female sports platform focused on soccer.


We signed Danish Fashion Ethical Charter to ensure we treat models with dignity and respect by regulating on health checks, wages and age of models.


We have 20+ employees and counting across all departments, in London, Copenhagen & New York offices.


Since 2019 we have been donating excess GOTS certified organic fabric to ‘She for She’ an NGO based in Uganda who provide period products for women & young girls who face period poverty


FOOD Our lunch is seasonal & 100% vegetarian & we have organic fruit at the office. We have a take home policy to avoid food waste.


It’s not going to save the world, but we grow mushrooms from waste coffee grounds for employees to take home & cook. Zero waste coffee is a way of helping our team think about how waste can be a resource.


Our Copenhagen Responsibility Ambassadors organized a bunch of awareness raising activities in our Copenhagen Office, including a panel talk and lunch.


We also started a small internal flea market in our Copenhagen Office to encourage reuse, and consumption of second hand clothing.


Our London and New York Responsibility Ambassadors created GANNI reusable water bottles for all staff. We thought about having these for our Copenhagen office, but realised employees weren’t using disposable water bottles and didn’t want to create something just for the sake of it. Our Copenhagen team on the other hand love their morning coffee fix and we’ve seen a rise in disposable coffee cups in the office, so we will be creating reusable coffee cups for staff.


Last year, we took our ‘Cold Facts’ project to Copenhagen during the Fashion Summit in May 2019 and organized a beach clean-up at Rockaway Beach, NYC. We spent a day volunteering at the Elizabeth Street Garden in SoHo and cleaned up the garden before they planted new flowers for spring. We regularly partake in green days to help have a positive impact and lend a hand in our local communities.


In 2019 we closed our Copenhagen stores so staff could participate in the global climate strikes, and also supported any employees in our Copenhagen, London and NYC offices participating. We wanted politicians to see it's not just citizens demanding real leadership, but businesses also want them to level out the playing field, to legislate, tax, and incentivise companies to do business more responsibility.