To us, when it comes to sustainability, being honest is more important than being perfect.

We want to be open with you about our commitment to sustainability, as a fashion brand, we view it as our moral obligation.
We take a holistic approach, looking at everything we can, from the materials we source to make our clothes to how our factories operate and we’re always thinking about what impact our production has on the environment.

We track our carbon footprint.

An area we feel especially passionate about is Co2 as we believe it’s one of the biggest challenges our planet faces. We’ve been tracking our carbon footprint since 2016 and have made a commitment to reduce our carbon emissions and making our pieces more sustainable.

Look for the Climate Compensated label inside every GANNI style to show we’ve covered the price of its Co2 emissions.

In order to do business, we can’t completely eradicate our emissions but we monitor our impact, reduce what we can and climate compensate the remaining.

We are not perfect yet, but we are striving to do better every day.

We may not be perfect, but to us, being transparent with you about the small steps we are taking towards sustainability is our responsibility, and we’re striving to do better every day.
It’s a start but we’ll keep you updated along the way.
Let’s do this together.