Introducing our monthly series of everyday inspiration from our GANNI Girl community.

GANNI Susie Bubble



Journalist and GANNIGirl @susiebubble shows us how she throws a dinner party

From multiple outfit changes to her do's and don'ts when hosting - party season is officially activated.

What's your go-to party look?

Very unoriginal but I’m a sucker for velvet and sparkly things. They instantly communicate “party” for a reason. The key is a comfy shape so you can go all night and you’re not tugging at a hem or feeling constricted around the waist. An extra fabric in a comfy shape.

What's the number 1 song to get you on the dancefloor? 

Also wholly unoriginal but Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody is an instant banger. I have vivid memories of dancing to it like crazy when I was five. I also can’t resist Cassie’s Me and You.

What are your do's and don'ts when hosting this party season? 

I’m all for easy dinner food - that ppl can eat quickly so we can concentrate on dancing and drinking. Eating is not cheating so lots of carbs to line the stomach is a must for me. 

Very into minimal effort yum yum things that veer on glorified junk food - involves spam fried rice, crab butter ramen and lots and lots of furikake. Post-reno house will soon see velvet, sequins and alcoholic bubble tea soon!

If at home I love having a few outfit changes throughout the course of the party depending on how long it goes just to mix things up. And Sparkly flats at home always.  

How will you be spending the party season? 

It’s my big 40 soon and I’m going to be in Tokyo, my absolute favourite city which I haven’t been to since before the pandemic. I have big plans to go from one themed bar to another, then karaoke with animal onesie costumes, with a few snacky meals along the way and maybe wind up having sushi for 6 am breakfast.

GANNI Sophia Roe



Get ready with Danish creative director, stylist, and content creator @sophiaroe and hear about her favourite song to get her on the dance floor + more in our stories. Let the festivities begin.

What is your go-to party look?

Black dress and high heels – which usually goes with a cross-body bag option. It's more practical when going out dancing (which i always end up doing.)

What is the number one song to get you on the dance-floor?

'Chance' by Candi Staton – impossible to sit still to!

How will you be celebrating this party season?

Firstly, with family – this time of year is where I travel the least so spending time with my family is my first priority. Our parties are never planned and I love the way an impulsive party arises from an atmosphere of just the right people, i have festive friends always ready for a party, so we rarely plan ahead of a night.

GANNI Zelikha Dinga


Zélikha Dinga

Parisian Chef and founder of @carodiarioparis, Zélikha Dinga is known for crafting Italian-inspired dishes that look as chic as they are delicious. We caught up with Zélikha to ask her to share her secrets on how to host like a pro this party season.

Can you reflect on your journey?

I was born and raised in Paris. After studying literature and toying with the idea of working in a bookstore, I ended up in the culinary world somewhat serendipitously and have never looked back!

How did Caro Diario come about?

Caro Diario evolved over time. In the beginning, I sold cookies and cakes and began to receive catering requests. Gradually, this activity grew into what it is today: assisting our clients with customised, aesthetically focused catering projects.

What influences you in terms of food and fashion?

When it comes to food, I love all cuisines; I'm a true foodie, and the prospect of trying new things is a major motivator. I appreciate both the generosity of a vibrant Italian dish and the more austere beauty of a Japanese plate. As for fashion, it's much the same. I love wearing colours, playing with shapes and cuts, and occasionally opting for classic or timeless pieces.

What role does fashion play in your professional and personal life?

On the job, I enjoy adapting my attire to match the event's mood. There are times when I'm dressed by the brand, especially when the aesthetics we're asked to incorporate into the menu align with a collection. In my day-to-day work, the reality of my profession often calls for practical attire. Additionally, it's essential for me to support and wear pieces from designers who are dear to my heart. I try to buy less but invest wisely, and I'm a loyal customer.

How would you describe your style?

Low key but elegant but joyful.

What values do you share with GANNI?

Like GANNIi, I strive to create a joyful, colourful, and positive universe with Caro Diario, without compromising on quality.

What was the first thing you worked on with us?

I worked with GANNI for the first time during a collaborative dinner with Eva organised by We Are Ona in March 2022 in Paris. I had made a croquembouche for dessert, a cake that had fallen out of favour but became a hit on social media and even ended up in an article in T Magazine!

What are the notable differences in terms of style and cuisine between France and Denmark?

It's challenging to answer this question without oversimplifying, but perhaps I'd say that traditional Danish cuisine is healthy, hearty, and more austere in appearance, whereas French cuisine is rich, with long-simmered dishes and plenty of butter! However, today, the tables have turned, and the world is captivated by the new Danish cuisine.

What is your earliest food memory? And your earliest fashion memory?

First food memory: Gazing at the pastries in the bakery near my home and my aunt Régine's chorba. First fashion memory: As a child, I devoured cookbooks, and I remember seeing a photo of a Paco Rabanne chocolate dress in one of them, which left me awestruck!

What does the festive season mean to you?

Lots of family, lots of friends, and lots of praline log cakes.

A recipe and a fail-proof look for the holidays?

Chicken with morel mushrooms and yellow wine. What always works is feeling comfortable in your outfit. What often works for me is wearing a beautiful jacket and heels.

GANNI Anna Shaffer


For our next dose of GANNI GIRLS AROUND THE WORLD, we’re spotlighting actor and GANNI Girl, Anna Shaffer. 

Accompanied by her faithful plus-one, the GANNI Bou Bag, from morning coffee and croissants to catching a film to end-of-day martinis, 

Anna shares more on her favorite way to spend a day in London.

Please introduce yourself to our #GANNIGirl community

My name is Anna Shaffer and I’m an actor from London

GANNI Bou Bag is an icon to elevate your every day - can you tell us:

What essentials do you carry everywhere in your GANNI Bou bag? My Fenty lipgloss it smells and tastes like bubblegum and I’m obsessed, one of my three sets of keys (i’m always losing them, I even got given a spare pair as my birthday present this year which says it all) my perfume and my GANNI cat eye sunglasses that I pretty much wear everyday.

The GANNI Bou bag is a next-gen icon crafted from recycled leather. Are there any other tips or things you carry with you that you can share on living life more responsibly?

Reducing your carbon footprint is something we can all try to do, I love zooming around London on a Lime bike though I’m pretty hopeless on road safety… I’ve lost count of the amount of times a friend has text me saying “just seen you doing a very dangerous turn at a junction please be careful!!!!” Whoooops!

What does your perfect day in London look like?

I’ll start the day arranging the flowers at Hector’s, the wine bar I own with my husband Jimmy. We get our flowers from Untitled, a local business to us and they’re always super wild and beautiful and put you in a good mood for the day. Then I’ll grab a coffee and a chocolate croissant from Jolene and walk over to Bloomsbury to my favourite cinema, The Renoir. I love walking around that area, it’s so beautiful and full of history and you really feel like you’re in the thick of it. When it’s time for dinner I’ll have dim sum at Royal China on Baker Street and then wander through the city to Frank’s bar at the bottom of Maison François’s for Martini’s. Heaven.

Who is your forever plus one?

Jimmy for sure. He’s the best and a formidable karaoke partner which is a bit of a deal breaker.

Where are you taking your GANNI Bou bag - what’s your go-to dinner or drinks spot?

My GANNI Bou will accompany me to Brawn on Columbia road, it’s easily the prettiest restaurant in London with the best tiramisu, and I’ve eaten a lot of tiramisu. Then we can nightcap at Hector’s, there’s nowhere better on a sunny autumn evening.

What was the last film, series or book you were really into?

I’m reading Zadie Smith’s latest novel The Fraud at the moment, she’s such an iconic Londoner and this clever book weaves through strands from London and Jamaica in the 1800’s. It’s so delicious, I haven’t been able to put it down.

What was your last Google search?

Flights to New York! Desperate to go, hopefully next year.

What’s your most played song at the moment?

I’ve been re-listening to Aretha Franklin’s Young Gifted And Black album loads lately, she’s always on in our house. Oh Me Oh My is one of my favourite songs of all time, playing on repeat and usually singing along desperately trying to get those high notes.

GANNI Deborah Amato


GANNI GIRLS AROUND THE WORLD is back and this time we’re in Naples, the location of our Vacation Shop shoot with GANNI Girl and our local Napoli guide, Deborah Amato. Mamma mia! 

Actor GANNI Girl and our local Napoli guide, Deborah Amato, took us on a trip around her city to show us how to eat like an Italian.

Deborah, who has a degree in Political Science and is currently studying for her Master’s in International Relations, lives by the words of Luciano De Crescenzo; “Wherever I go in the world, I saw that there’s a need for a little of Naples”. Sure, she loves to travel, but she loves to get home, too. “I feel so lucky to live in Naples; for me, it is a small world.” So what better person to show us around the city famed for its azure waters, sun-bleached streets, and, of course, food, it is the birthplace of pizza, after all. 

So jump on the metaphorical moped for a GANNI Girls Around The World


For the third drop of GANNI GIRLS AROUND THE WORLD, we hung out with singer-songwriter Bathsheba. From growing up in a tough environment and turning her desire for love into lyrics (from as young as 11!) to her recent role as an ambassador for a Danish children's crisis center, Bathsheba knows all about facing the music - and her feelings.


For chapter 2 of GANNI GIRLS AROUND THE WORLD, we got nerdy with #GANNIGirl and all-around literary icon Asta Olivia Nordenhof. We caught up with Asta at Forfatterskolen (The Danish Academy of Creative Writing) where she studied and now teaches, to talk about all things books, Bjork and why most of the time, writing can be hell. Watch our film to see which writer she’s most influenced by, and read her Q&A below to find out why she prayed at an altar to the Icelandic alt-rock icon.


This February, we hung out with chef and #GANNIGirl Anne Knepper @anneats chef at Copenhagen restaurant @admiralgade26 and rising talent on the Copenhagen food scene. Filmed at Copenhagen bakery and restaurant, Flere Fugle, we asked Anne to share her tips on hosting and how to make the most of your meals. Watch our film where she tells us how to make her all-time favourite recipe; Çılbır – Turkish eggs and read her Q&A below to find out how she got started in the world of food.