E-Gift Card Terms & Conditions

GANNI E-Gift Cards can be purchased online only at our Website. You can decide on the value of the GANNI E-Gift Card upon purchase. Please note that it is not possible to add extra value to your GANNI E-Gift Card after the final purchase.

All GANNI E-Gift Cards purchased online on our Website are electronic, and you will receive your GANNI E-Gift Card in an email to the chosen provided email address. It is important that you provide the correct email address and that you keep your GANNI E-Gift Card email, as we are not able to provide you with a new GANNI E-Gift Card in case you delete it from your mailbox or otherwise lose it.

When purchasing a GANNI E-Gift Card on the website, you can choose to send it to yourself or another receiver than yourself and have the option of adding a personal note. The unique GANNI E-Gift Card number will be sent in the email to the receiver, and will not be visible in the order confirmation that you receive (as the purchaser of the GANNI E-Gift Card).

You can also choose for the GANNI E-Gift Card to be received on another future date rather than the date of purchase. Your GANNI E-Gift Card will be activated on the selected chosen date of receipt.

Please note that you cannot redeem or buy a GANNI E-Gift Card alongside a discount code or other promotional discounts.

GANNI E-Gift Cards can only be used on our website and can not be used in any of our physical stores.

Your GANNI E-Gift Card can only be redeemed in the same currency it was purchased in. You can view the purchase currency and value of the E-Gift Card on the recipient's email. It is not possible to change the currency on your GANNI E-Gift Card. This means you need to make sure to choose the correct currency when purchasing and redeeming your E-Gift Card on the website.

To redeem your GANNI E-Gift Card, you must choose “I have a E-Gift Card” when you are asked to choose a payment method on ganni.com at the cart. Next, you will need to insert your specific GANNI E-Gift Card number, which can be found in the email sent to you upon receipt of the GANNI E-Gift Card.

It is important to note that your GANNI E-Gift Card is not allocated to you (or another chosen receiver) specifically.

GANNI cannot replace or block your GANNI E-Gift Card if it’s lost, stolen, destroyed, or used without your permission - so hold on to them and please keep your email safe.

You have to consider your E-Gift Card as cash, and we are not able to replace it in case you lose it, or if it's stolen, destroyed, or used without your permission. Do not share your specific GANNI E-Gift Card number with anyone, as we are not able to control whether it is you or someone else who redeems the GANNI E-Gift Card on our website.

If you’d prefer to redeem your GANNI E-Gift Card for cash, you can do so for an administration fee of DKK 100,00 / EUR 15,00 / NOK 150 / SEK 150 / GBP 20 / USD 15 / CAD 20 / UAE 50 / CHF 15 by contacting customer service.

Your GANNI E-Gift Card will expire three (3) years from the date of purchase.

If you have chosen another date of receipt in the future, the GANNI E-Gift Card will expire three (3) years from that specific date.

When you purchase a GANNI E-Gift Card on our website, you have the right to withdraw from the contract in accordance with this section (“Right of Withdrawal”).

Please note that in case you choose to withdraw from the Contract or choose to return the items bought with your GANNI E-Gift Card, the amount you paid with your GANNI E-Gift Card will be refunded back to a new GANNI E-Gift Card which is sent to your email.