Global Citizen

Global Citizen

GANNI SS18 Global Citizen

“This season, I was inspired to make a collection for the truly global citizen. I wanted to create clothes for a woman who loves to travel to new places and who has an independent spirit. It’s an upbeat collection, taking cues from 90s sportswear, rave, and the hugely important Benetton ads from the 90s that challenged prejudice and encouraged diversity. I also wanted to work with creatives from around the world, from Stockholm all the way to New York, for a collection that celebrates collaboration and the spirit of international exchange. I’m constantly travelling and constantly inspired by what I see on the streets of different cities around the world. In this moment of closed borders it’s important to think about new ways of living and working together, of overcoming our cultural differences. The Global Citizen represents the best of everywhere.”

– Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director, Ganni

Flowers, fruits and bold stripes characterise Ganni’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection: you’ll find juicy orange tulips on woven jacquard dresses, cherries on T-shirts, and thick stripes decorating jumpers, T-shirts and dresses. The mood is exuberant, reminiscent of Brit-Pop era leisurewear, of Natalie Portman’s iconic character in Léon, even of Madonna in her 80s heyday. There are lacy bodies, flower-covered bralets, and plenty of ruffles. Hero pieces include a delicate yellow skirt & dress in tulle featuring tiny anise flowers with beads; a smart dress and blazer combo in sporty grey check; and a casual tee-shirt stamped with the words ”Global Citizen”, a reference to the collection’s international creative melting pot.

For Spring/Summer 2018, Ditte worked closely with the wonderfully inventive New York-based Serbian artist and photographer Ana Kraš on set design for the show and campaign photography. She also teamed up with Bengt Thornefors and Christopher Svensson from Stockholm, former fashion designers with a specialty in denim and sportswear, for the collection’s repurposed denim items.

The colour palette is a combination of subtle and bold, with bright orange, cool blue, and the palest of yellows making an appearance. Fabrics include woven jacquard, structured patent leather, summery seersucker silk and a luxurious, sporty jersey with a subtle sheen that is also used on shoes and sunglasses. Accessories continue the  oral and edible theme, with fruits and flowers variously adorning travel bags and totes. A platform trainer in patent leather is a clear nod to the 90s but the overall take is decidedly fresh and modern — a wardrobe for international, original dressers.