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GANNI Joyride

“My best ideas come to me in the morning. i put my headphones on, turn the music up super loud, get on my bike and cycle to work. Those 15 minutes are completely mine to treasure. My mind is open and my thoughts just flow. This collection is really about that feeling."

Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director, GANNI


"We called the collection Joyride because really, it's about Copenhagen being the place where our heart is. There’s a feeling about being in the city in summertime that I can’t quite explain, the energy is pulsing, it really gets your beat going. It made us think about the rhythm of our hearts and the beat you see on a hospital monitor. That line is so beautiful - it's life. We used that life line as a symbol across the collection, wavy lines on collars and hemlines inspired by a heartbeat.

We have a ton of collaborations coming out too: Denim with Levi’s in botanical dyes and upcycling with Barbour and 66°North. I’m a collaboration junkie. I love it when the chemistry works and the ideas are flowing. As an industry we need to start cooperating more, especially if we are going to make fashion more responsible. No one brand, no matter how hard they try, can do it alone, we’ve got to work together.”