GANNI School of London

“There’s nothing like people-watching in London. Just normal, everyday people; they always have such style. You see kids wearing a whole patchwork of different school uniforms in the UK, and it’s fun to note all the ways they customise their look, whether wrapping a sweater round their shoulders, scribbling the name of a band on their bag, or varying their hemlines. I wanted to capture some of that ease in the new collection, that insouciance of young Londoners going about their day-to-day lives.”

– Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director, Ganni

The yearly school photo was an important inspiration for Ganni’s Pre-Spring 2018 collection, that point in the year when kids are photographed in their neatest school clothes in front of a blue screen, the moment preserved forever. The way they manage to project their own sense of individuality captured the imagination of Ganni’s creative director Ditte Reffstrup — that, and the attitude of London school kids, hanging out together outside school gates, filling tube carriages, or smoking on benches, completely in their own worlds. Delicate striped sweaters, tracksuit trousers, plissé dresses, bobby socks and merino knits all make an appearance in the new collection. The mood is wistful, conjuring a first trip on the Eurostar to Paris for a school trip.

Key looks include a pink top with tortoise pin-stripe with matching pink leather trousers, layered over a casual striped sweater; luxe sportswear featuring striped bands and girly flounces; the softest knits in sea pink or yellow stripes; seersucker cotton dresses; and plenty of tees. Beaded florals, polka dots, rose-patterned jacquards and sumptuous black silk velvet with white pipings contribute to a very exclusive-feeling collection. Classic school uniform colours – yellow, blue, black – fill the collection. Shoes include sneakers in pink and black with frills, pumps with bows or heavy ankle boots, while bags are reminiscent of satchels. It’s a mix of casual and decorative, perfect for dressed-down days or layered-up for night.