GANNI On Sunny Beaches

“I’m nostalgic for the days when air travel was still chic, when people dressed up to get on a plane and had cocktails on board. This pre-fall collection was inspired by the early days of charter flights and package vacations — the thrill of take-off, the journey through the clouds, and the arrival someplace completely new. With the collection, I wanted to evoke the excitement of leaving the ordinary world behind, of the exotic glimpsed through airplane windows and framed by oversized shades.”

– Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director, Ganni

For Pre-Fall, Ganni visits the sun-drenched infancy of package holidays, when chartering a flight was the most glamorous way to get around. It’s a mix of 70s escapism and early 90s hedonism — Ganni’s Creative Director Ditte Reffstrup channels the bright buoyancy of Blur’s Britpop anthem Girls and Boys with the elegant languor of a Slim Aarons-style vacation. There’s a sumptuous sequined gown for poolside parties, light-weight knits for air-conditioned plane rides, woven seersucker cotton dresses for casual boat trips, and white polka dots on black silk for a Monica-Vitti-in-L’Avventura vibe. The colour palette is a delicate mix of pearly blues and Cuban sand, with flashes of russet orange, brandy brown and gold on a variety of discreet details.

In addition to the hero pieces, there are also drapey Lyocell t-shirts featuring words like “Charter”, and “On Sunny Beaches” — a line from Girls and Boys — as well as Grace Kelly’s nickname, “Graciebird”. Prints include small and oversized polka-dots, racy leopard-print and hand-drawn and embroidered under-sea creatures like starfish and lobsters. Fabrics are supremely tactile, from rippling silks, to fine lace, washed denim, leather and satin. It’s a modern wardrobe for the girl who knows how to have fun in the sun.